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Cat Supplies

One of the most basic cat supplies a new cat owner needs is a litter box. The litter box is a basin that holds some sort of litter I.E. an absorbent substance that allows the cat to feel as if it has buried its excrement. They can be as basic as a plastic box up to high tech self cleaning models. It matters little what litter box you select but be sure to familiarize your new friend with it quickly and to always keep it clean. If you let it get dirty the cat will find other places to relieve itself.

Even indoor/outdoor cats should be provided with a litter box in case they accidently get locked inside overnight or when nobody is home. For the sake of your carpets and couch, this is one piece of cat supplies you don’t want to go without. Many animal professionals insist that that each cat in a household should have its own litter box. It is also recommended that that you have more than one cat box available should you have a large house, because cats often develop a sudden urgent need to relieve themselves due to their unique digestive and urinary systems.

One very feasible method of eliminating any need for cat supplies such as the litter box is to toilet train the cat. To train the cat to use the toilet requires perhaps four to six weeks of incremental training. The process follows moving the litter box ever closer to the toilet until it is finally on top the toilet seat. Once the cat has become comfortable here the box can be removed, although it is sometimes necessary to suspend some litter in the bowl itself. Once the cat becomes comfortable with this, the suspended box can be removed and your cat will simply relieve itself in the toilet from that point forward. Some cats have even learned to flush when they’re done.


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