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The cat is a small carnivorous mammal that has been a friend to humans for generations. Originally believed to have been domesticated in ancient Egypt, the cat is now believed to have been domesticated much earlier. A recent archeological dig in Cyprus turned up two skeletons buried together ritualistically. The skeletons were that of a man and his kitten. The site has been dated as 9,500 years old.

In truth however, the cat has never truly been domesticated. Cats are social animals but they always hunt alone. This doesn’t mean that they won’t happily accept food you offer them, only that even today, most housecats would be capable of surviving on their own. Human’s relationship to the cat is more one of friendship than of ownership. You can’t teach a cat commands, even though they are very smart. It is more likely that early peoples appreciated that wildcats would eliminate rodents and other vermin and began leaving out other foods for the felines in hopes of keeping them around. Before too many more generations had gone by, a cat emerged that was smaller and slightly less aggressive than its wild counterpart, but that still was not truly domesticated. Humans and cats share a mutualistic relationship in which both parties benefit from each other. Humans have less vermin in their settlements and the cats have full bellies when rodents are scarce.

Cat grooming is an important part of their social structure. Not only do cats groom themselves for many hours a day, but social grooming helps forge alliances and strengthen group bonds. It is a method of communication as is body language and spraying pheromones. Interestingly enough, feral cats do not meow, or usually make any noise, unless they are fighting. It seems cats learned that humans tend to respond to vocalizations more than to body language.

Aside from being called the perfect predator, cats have a natural talent for survival. As true carnivores, cats have a hard time digesting vegetable matter and prefer to eat mostly meats. In fact the cat is designed to eat meat so well that it can even subsist on fresh meat alone with no need of water. To handle all the salts present in meat, it has an advanced digestive and urinary tract system which can even allow the cat to hydrate by drinking salt water. Although these extreme cat food diets are obviously only to be used in emergency situations, it speaks volumes about the cats natural ability to survive.

The cat supplies a variety of human services, from exterminating pests to basic companionship. If nothing else, they sure are a lot of fun. Imagine being that tightly-wound all the time. And kittens never seem to run out of energy or the capacity to get into mischief. These creatures are also rightfully the most popular pet in the world, beating out even dogs.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to a wonderful creature. The rest of this site will detail more fun facts about cats and provide a variety of resources for all things feline. So whether you’re interested in cat supplies, cat grooming, cat sweaters or other pet products, we have the information right here. We thank you for visiting and hope that you had no trouble finding exactly what you needed. Remember we are constantly striving to make this site even better and welcome any questions or comments you may have.

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